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BP seminar on 26th of November...

As you aware, British Petroleum and Qafqaz University cooperate in several topics. One of the most important issue is re

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Chemical engineers of Qafqaz University successfully acco...

A cohort of students of the Qafqaz University majoring in “Chemical Engineering” 3rd year -Arzu Jabray

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Our student from Mozmbique sang an ashig song...

On 21-st of December poem and song competition between students was organised in Qafqaz University. The rules were that,

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We have won a brain ring competition...

On 10-th of December students of Chemistry and Chemical Engineer faculties of Qafqaz University met professor Vaqi

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Azerbaijan has rich oil and gas reserves and rapidly growing energy industry. In order to develop, control and optimise this industry high qualified engineers are in demand. Historically efforts of Azeri engineers in oil and gas sector were well known not only in Azerbaijan but also all around the world. The mission of development of Azerbaijan industry has been started by great engineers. To continue and evolve this mission is one of the main tasks of chemical engineers. Chemical Engineering department in Qafqaz University was opened in 2009 year with support of BP Azerbaijan company. 

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